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About Shiok Ridge

Shiok Ridge Kennel, LLC is a family owned kennel near Green Bay, Wisconsin owned by Kelley & Erika Tatroe. We initially began our bird dog obsession with Labrador Retrievers many years ago; however, after numerous years of agony and heartbreak due to poor genetic health of the breed. We decided to seek a different breed; that is when we found the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.

Our Griffs have a strong drive, excellent temperament, superior nose, and a proper coat. We believe in Form and Function...proper confirmation translates to less injuries as well as endurance, stamina, and efficiency in the field. All our breeding stock have had their hips tested and have proven to be at the top their breed. In addition, we have either tested all our breeding stock to ensure they are KBKB or that they are KBKB by parentage. The eyes on our breeding stock are OFA clear, elbows and thyroid are OFA normal, and all our dogs are dual registered NAVHDA & AKC. We hunt test our dogs through NAVHDA and AKC as we believe this is an important factor in determining the biddability of our breeding lines. Many talk breed preservation, we stake our reputation on it. To date, we have earned a NAVHDA Breeders Award for every litter we have produced. We hunt our dogs hard every week during bird season because the reality is hunting and hunt testing are two very different environments and, in many cases, require different skill sets and traits in the dog to be successful. As the saying goes, if you’re going to purchase a dog, buy one from a breeder that does your intended purpose for that dog successfully with their own dogs.

Temperament is also top of our list in our breeding program because hunting season is only so long; therefore, your Griff must be a pleasure to be around in any environment. However, to ensure this remains the case, anyone acquiring a Griff must be sure to give them a job and provide effective leadership. If they aren’t given a job or don’t receive the mental and physical stimulation they require, they will become a ball of pent-up energy and behavioral issues will follow. They are definitely not a Lab as many Google searches suggest! They are not happy laying on the couch 100% of the time. They are very adaptable to many different environments when proper consideration is given to their needs and if they aren’t hunted, they will find a way to hunt on their own. Be it chasing down a skunk, a rabbit, stalking a bird feeder, whatever the case, they will find a way.

We believe in breeding true to the breed and preserving their original purpose. We breed to enhance the skills and traits required to be “The 4-Wheel Drive of Bird Dogs”; therefore, we do not sell Griffs to nonhunting homes. Our ultimate goal in breeding is to breed a Griff with the soundest confirmation possible so it can properly perform its job without breaking down, while maintaining stable temperaments, the hunting versatility and the health of the breed enabling them and their hunting partner to enjoy many years of making memories.

Needless to say, we are passionate about our dogs and trying to do our part to better the breed! Anyone is welcome to visit our kennel and meet our dogs and us at any time. We are an authorized dealer for Garmin and SportDog; therefore, if you need any recommendations for training tools or equipment, please do not hesitate to ask.


We are an authorized dealer for Garmin, SportDog, & Inukshuk. If you are in need of any training equipment or are looking for recommendations, please contact us and we can provide you with access as well as our recommendations.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppy


We provide dog boarding on a limited basis for our puppy buyers as a courtesy, if we are available. We, however, do not board dogs when we have a litter on the ground. Up to date core vaccinations are required including Bordetella (on a six month vaccination schedule) and Canine Influenza.


On average, we breed 1-2 litters a year. All of our pups are sold with limited registration, which may be removed once specific requirements are met. We only sell to hunting homes and do require our puppy buyers to run a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test.



We invite our puppy buyers to train with us and are always available for training guidance and support. And an exciting announcement will be coming soon in regards to other trainings!

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